Why You Should Use Us
We are available after normal working hours
We have found that it is convenient to family members for us to be available evenings and weekends.
When someone dies often the relatives still have to work. As we work from home
we can offer a service that is convenient to people in this position.

We take the stress out of arranging the funeral Order of Service
We send proofs as pdf files at every stage of the process,
we liaise with clergy and family to produce something that is agreed by all before printing.

We can add photographs of your choice

Often a photograph is wanted on the front of the order of service

We can digitally repair and enhance photographs
We have the capability to digitally repair old damaged photographs
and remove background clutter or add different backgrounds.
We can also add a faded edge to a photograph and crop it into an oval.

Our products are reasonably priced
We have deliberately kept our prices as low as possible, as
we genuinely believe that everyone should be able to afford a fitting tribute.

Our products are High Quality
Whilst keeping the price low we haven’t compromised on quality.
We use either white or cream cardstock with a minimum weight of 240 gsm
with each order of service being individually printed on a laser printer
and not produced on a copying machine.

We have online templates
Our online templates provide a starting point
and suggest the detail required to produce the proof.
We can mix and match from different templates so we can make up a truly bespoke design.